UFC Champ Leon Edwards Teaches His KNOCKOUT High Kick | Brett Fights | Men’s Health Muscle

On the back of one of the most exciting knockouts in recent fight sports history, UFC’s Leon Edwards made the defining move of his career–the knockout high kick– to become the UFC Welterweight Champion. In this premiere episode of Brett Fights, Men’s Health fitness editor, Brett Williams, NASM, visits UFC Gym in Hoboken to get a one-on-one lesson from Leon Edwards himself. Brett is ready to level up his skills and broaden his base of knowledge with help from pros like Edwards–but can he handle the heat? Watch to find out how Brett fares in the ring. Watch more Men’s Health Muscle videos HERE:

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According to the CDC, you should aim to engage in a variety of resistance-training exercises two or three days a week. You can use free weights, resistance bands or bodyweight, but the main objective is to train at a high intensity.

The CDC recommends that you hit all of the major muscle groups. Some of the more common types of resistance exercises include squats, push-ups, lunges and pull-ups. But if you’re looking to really build muscle and strengthen your bones, you might want to try barbell strength workouts or chin-ups.

As your strength increases, you’ll be able to do everyday tasks with more ease. If you’re a runner, you might even notice a boost in your endurance. In addition, increased muscle mass means that your body burns calories faster while you’re at rest.

Unlike aerobic exercise, resistance training can be done at any age. The process makes muscles insulin-sensitive, which is important for a person with diabetes. Also, it can make the muscles of your joints more resistant to injury.

You can do a strength-building workout at home or in a gym. You might want to invest in some equipment, though. For example, you can purchase suspension trainers and adjustable dumbbells.

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