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It’s time to stop overlooking the benefits of using fitness machines in your training—which, prior to emergence of the functional fitness phenomenon, once held a prominent position in plenty of training regimens, from bodybuilding to sports performance training. The Men’s Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., and trainer Mathew Forzaglia, NFPT-CPT, founder of Forzag Fitness, explain why you shouldn’t accept the myths surrounding training with fitness machines and how you can use machines to do more than just waste your time during your next workout. Watch more Men’s Health Muscle videos HERE:

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Strength training is a type of exercise that focuses on building muscle mass. It is a great way to build up your strength and prevent injury. You can start with this type of fitness at any age.

This can help you improve your overall health and make everyday tasks easier. Increasing muscle mass can also help you lose weight. And it can help you decrease your risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Strength training works with all your muscles, and it can help you maintain healthy bones. For older adults, it can also increase bone mineral density.

When you do resistance exercises, your body increases its resting metabolic rate. That means you burn more calories at rest, which can be helpful when trying to lose weight. Muscle and strength training can be done with a variety of equipment, including weight machines, free weights, and medicine balls.

The most effective approach to building muscle is progressive overload. This means you lift more weight each time you do an exercise. In addition, you should do at least three sets of repetitions for each exercise.

If you are looking to improve your overall strength, you should consider circuit-like workouts. These can last up to 20-30 minutes and focus on specific muscle groups. Having a group session with other people will encourage accountability.

Aside from increasing strength and muscle size, resistance training can lower your risk of heart disease and other health problems. Resistance training can be performed on your own, or you can hire a personal trainer to work with you.

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