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Actor, Rome Flynn, may be known for playing a former Olympic runner and sports coach on the Netflix sci-fi show Raising Dion as well as a duplicitous law student in his breakout role as Gabriel Maddox on ABC’s award-winning drama How To Get Away With Murder, but that doesn’t stop him from fulfilling one of his long time goals: being able to dunk. Rome now plays Anderson Fisher, star running back on the Parmount+ show ’Fantasy Football’. Watch as he takes us through his detailed NBA workout routine with Olin Simplis, NBA/WNBA Player Development Specialist and Shooting Coach of the stars (two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant and two-time WNBA champion Breanna Stewart). Watch more Men’s Health Train Like videos HERE:

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00:00 Intro
00:45 The Workout

Rome Flynn’s Basketball Training Regimen

The Warm Up
Mini-Band Dribbling Warm-Up – 2 times (3 different variations)
Rip Throughs – 2 rounds

On Court Workout
Layup and Shooting Drills

Weight Room Workout – all 3 sets of 12-15 reps
Sled Pull
Slant Board Goblet Squat
Lunge With Push Press
Hanging Leg Raise

Battle Rope ”Finisher” – 30 seconds (2 variations)

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