I Trained Weighted Abs Everyday for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

In “I Trained Weighted Abs Everyday for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened,” Superhuman Troy takes you on a journey of his intense challenge. Starting on March 1st, Troy committed to training his abs every day for a month. He wanted to see if abs are really made in the gym, rather than just the kitchen. Throughout the video, Troy shares his workout routine, his diet, and his motivation for undertaking this challenge. He also discusses his thoughts halfway through and reveals his final results after 30 days of training weighted abs. So, join Troy in this incredible journey and find out if his hard work paid off!

My Weighted Abs Workouts Routine

I Trained Weighted Abs Everyday for 30 Days and Heres What Happened

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Exercises performed

During my 30-day challenge of training weighted abs, I incorporated a variety of exercises to target and strengthen my core. Some of the exercises I performed include weighted cocoons, Russian twists, kettlebell single-arm crunch, weighted decline crunches, Swiss ball weighted crunches, weighted rope crunches, and hanging knee raises.

Frequency of workouts

I committed to training my weighted abs every day for the duration of the 30-day challenge. No matter how sore my abs got, I didn’t allow myself to skip a day. Consistency was key in order to see significant results.

Duration of workouts

Each workout session lasted around 10 minutes, as I focused on performing high-intensity circuits consisting of several challenging weighted ab exercises. Despite the short duration, the intensity and focus placed on targeting the abs made the workouts effective and challenging.

What I’m Eating to Get Greek God Abs

Superhuman diet

In order to support my goals of achieving Greek god abs, I followed a high-protein diet that I like to call the Superhuman diet. I ensured that my meals were rich in clean protein sources such as salmon, grass-fed steaks, and organic eggs. This diet allowed me to fuel my body with the necessary nutrients to support muscle growth and recovery.

High protein food choices

In addition to the specific protein sources mentioned earlier, I also incorporated other high-protein foods into my diet. This included options such as chicken breast, tofu, Greek yogurt, and protein shakes. These choices ensured that I met my daily protein requirements and provided my body with the building blocks necessary for muscle development.

Macro requirements

To optimize my results, I paid close attention to my macro intake. I made sure to hit my protein goals, while also balancing my intake of carbohydrates and healthy fats. This allowed me to meet my energy needs and support overall body composition.

The Motivation Behind the Challenge

Reason for choosing to train weighted abs

The decision to take on the challenge of training weighted abs every day for 30 days stemmed from a desire to improve and develop my core strength. I had noticed that my abs looked weak and underdeveloped, and I wanted to change that. Additionally, a recent study revealing that many individuals neglect training their abs motivated me to challenge the norm and prioritize this muscle group.

Idol and inspiration

Throughout the challenge, I drew inspiration from my idol, Greg Plitt. His incredible abs and dedication to training weighted abs influenced my decision to take on this challenge. I wanted to honor him and aspire to achieve a similar level of abdominal development.

Day 15: Thoughts Halfway Through

Progress evaluation

At the halfway point of the challenge, I took the time to evaluate my progress. Although there was still a long way to go, I was able to observe some initial changes and improvements. I started to notice better ab definition and my abs were starting to “pop” through the skin.

Soreness and fatigue

By day 15, the intensity of the workouts had taken a toll on my body, specifically my abs. I experienced intense soreness and fatigue each morning, making it clear that training weighted abs was not an easy task. However, I remained determined and committed to the challenge.

My Favorite Weighted Abs Exercises

Weighted cocoons

Weighted cocoons were one of my favorite exercises during the challenge. They were inspired by Greg Plitt and provided an incredible ab pump. I performed variations of this exercise to challenge my core from different angles.

Russian twists

Russian twists were another exercise that became a staple in my weighted abs routine. This exercise targets the oblique muscles, helping to achieve a defined and sculpted waistline.

Kettlebell single-arm crunch

The kettlebell single-arm crunch was an exercise that really hit my entire core. Holding a kettlebell in one hand while performing a crunch engaged both the upper and lower abs, providing a well-rounded workout for the entire midsection.

Are Abs Genetic?

Types of abs

Abs come in various forms and shapes, and genetics play a role in determining the type of abs an individual has. Some people have an eight-pack, others have a six-pack, and some may have a four-pack or less. The number and appearance of abs are influenced by genetics and cannot be changed.

Muscle belly insertions

Another factor influenced by genetics is the muscle belly insertions. How the abs look when developed is determined by their placement and structure within the individual’s body. While muscle belly insertions cannot be altered, the overall size and development of the abs can be improved through targeted training.

Building and developing abs

Although genetics play a role in the aesthetics of abs, it is still possible to build and develop the muscle. Through targeted training, including weighted abs exercises, individuals can increase the size and definition of their abs. Consistency, proper nutrition, and dedication to training are key factors in achieving a well-defined core.

Final Results from Training Weighted Abs Everyday for 30 Days

Abs transformation

After completing 30 days of training weighted abs every day, I was amazed by the transformation of my abs. I began to see significant improvements in ab definition and felt a noticeable increase in core strength. Despite starting at around 15% body fat, my abs were starting to “pop” through and become more visible.

Impact on other lifts

Training weighted abs every day not only improved the appearance of my midsection but also had a positive impact on my other lifts. I noticed increased strength and stability in exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Strengthening my core through targeted ab exercises allowed me to lift heavier weights and reduce the risk of lower back injury.

Strength gains

Overall, the 30-day challenge of training weighted abs led to significant strength gains. The increased focus on core training translated into improved overall strength, enhancing my performance in various exercises and movements.

Potential for Extended Challenges

Continuing the abs training streak

After completing the initial 30-day challenge, the thought of extending the abs training streak crossed my mind. The incredible results and the positive impact on my overall fitness and physique made me consider the possibility of continuing to train my abs every day for 60 or 90 days.

Other challenge possibilities

Inspired by the success of the weighted abs challenge, I began contemplating other challenges I could take on. Whether it was focusing on training other muscle groups, implementing different training techniques, or exploring new fitness goals, the possibilities for future challenges seemed endless.


Reflection on the journey

The 30-day challenge of training weighted abs every day was a transformative experience. It taught me the importance of consistency, dedication, and perseverance in achieving my fitness goals. Despite the challenges and the occasional soreness, I remained committed and saw incredible results.

Importance of dedication and perseverance

Through this challenge, I learned that achieving Greek god abs takes time, effort, and a willingness to push through the discomfort. Dedication and perseverance were crucial in maintaining the daily training routine and sticking to a disciplined diet. It was a reminder that hard work pays off.

Final thoughts and results

The 30-day challenge of training weighted abs every day exceeded my expectations. Not only did I achieve visible ab definition, but I also experienced improved core strength and increased overall fitness. The results were a testament to the effectiveness of targeted ab exercises and the power of consistency in training.

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