Everything I Wish I Knew About Dieting 10 Years Ago (Avoid These Nutrition Mistakes)

Explaining everything wrong with my diet from 10 years ago and what I would do today instead based on the last decade of science and experience.

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About me: I’m a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I’ve been training for 12 years drug-free. I’m 5’5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked).


Disclaimers: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

In a nutshell, physical strength is a measure of the force that a person can exert on an object of physical mass. The best way to achieve it is to lift weights. You can also build muscle by eating plant-based foods. But before you go vegan or vegetarian, you should know that these diets are not without their drawbacks. For example, they may be deficient in some key nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber.

Nevertheless, one could argue that lifting weights and doing other forms of strength training are worthwhile pursuits. Even if you don’t have time for them, they could improve your health in the long run. Moreover, strength training boosts your metabolism for several hours after your workout. This is a big plus for people who want to look good in their wedding photos.

Another reason to get on the treadmill is to boost your cardiovascular system. Cardio is a great way to burn calories, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into muscle growth. On the other hand, resistance training stimulates muscle tissue growth. Plus, a larger muscle will allow you to exert more force on the barbell or dumbbell.

The key to building muscle is proper nutrition. It’s important to get enough protein to keep your muscles strong. Athletes who train regularly require 1.2-2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. To maximize your efforts, it is a good idea to consume a well-balanced meal every three to four hours.

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