trying dr mike israetels pro shredding diet for 30 days

Trying Dr. Mike Israetel’s Pro Shredding Diet for 30 Days

Embark on a 30-day journey with Superhuman Troy trying Dr. Mike Israetel’s Pro Shredding Diet. Discover carb cycling for fat loss and results after the diet.

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weighted ab workouts my 30 day challenge results

Weighted Ab Workouts: My 30-Day Challenge Results

Discover the incredible results of a 30-day weighted ab workout challenge. See the transformation in muscle tone and definition. Watch now!

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i trained weighted abs everyday for 30 days and heres what happened

I Trained Weighted Abs Everyday for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

Join Superhuman Troy in his incredible journey as he trains weighted abs every day for 30 days. Discover his workout routine, diet, and motivation, and find out if his hard work paid off!

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cold endurance how i pushed my limits for 7 days in frigid ice baths

Cold Endurance: How I Pushed My Limits for 7 Days in Frigid Ice Baths

Pushing my limits to endure freezing ice baths for 7 days. Watch as I survive the fear, physical challenges, and emotional rollercoaster in my quest for resilience and growth.

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optimal sleep for superhuman performance a daily routine

Optimal Sleep for Superhuman Performance: A Daily Routine

Uncover the secrets of optimal sleep for superhuman performance in this video by Superhuman Troy. Learn daily routines, intense workouts, and the benefits of heat exposure. Discover how to push past your limits and unleash your own superhuman potential.

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comparing the benefits of 10 vs 20 body fat

Comparing the Benefits of 10% vs 20% Body Fat

Join us on an intriguing journey as we compare the benefits of having 10% vs 20% body fat. Discover how it can impact your health and fitness goals.

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i lost 20lbs of fat in 2 months doing this

I Lost 20lbs of FAT in 2 Months Doing This…

Learn how Superhuman Troy lost 20lbs of fat in 2 months without extreme diets or magic potions. Discover the 5 key elements that made all the difference. Watch now!

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zone 2 and zone 5 cardio superhuman troys extra energy expenditure

Zone 2 and Zone 5 Cardio: Superhuman Troy’s Extra Energy Expenditure

Discover the power of Zone 2 and Zone 5 cardio for extra energy expenditure in this awe-inspiring video by Superhuman Troy. Learn the secrets behind his 20-pound fat loss transformation and his five-step system for achieving incredible results. Don’t miss out on this ultimate guide to leveling up your cardio workouts!

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the benefits of consuming protein before bed for muscle growth

The Benefits of Consuming Protein Before Bed for Muscle Growth

Discover the benefits of consuming protein before bed for muscle growth! Boost your gains by providing your body with a steady stream of amino acids while you sleep, optimizing the recovery process. Learn about the research behind pre-sleep protein consumption and its impact on muscle protein synthesis and endurance adaptations. Check out this informative YouTube video now!

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how to lose chest fat in 1 week

How to Lose Chest Fat in 1 Week

Learn the 5 simple steps to lose chest fat in just 1 week. This video provides valuable insights and strategies to help you achieve a healthier body composition and transform your physique. Don’t miss out on these tips for a balanced and sustainable weight loss journey.

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