6 Muscle Building Supplements YOU NEED!

Ready to add 6 muscle building supplements to your regimen that actually get results?



The first one is obvious but not for the reason that most people think and it’s creatine monohydrate. The way the supplement companies have marketed it to us for years makes you think it was a gift from the gods that randomly one day was bestowed on us. In reality it’s something you get from food but most people aren’t able to get enough through food so you NEED to supplement. Make sure you do because it’s one of your body’s energy sources for muscle contractions.

Next up D3, this one is interesting because it’s more related to a steroid than an actual vitamin and plays a role in everything from protein synthesis to increasing strength and muscle mass.

Glutamine didn’t make the list…

Caffeine which you might think is a random one to put on here but the intensity of your workouts dictate the amount of muscle you put on so if it helps you hurt yourself then take it!

Digestive enzymes is huge because if you’re serious about muscle building then you are taking in a ridiculous amount of protein and your body only can do so much so give it a break and help it breakdown that protein.

Finally fiber which I’ll admit is a stretch but colon health is incredibly important and is your last line of the absorption of nutrients so if you’re full of sh*t then you’re not efficient.

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